Let us take a typical object:

public record Person(string FirstName, string Surname);

If we had a List of Person objects:

// a list of persons
var personList = new List<Person>();

We can add multiple items using the AddRange method:

personList.AddRange(new[] { new Person("James", "Bond"), new Person("Jason", "Bourne") });

Very straightforward.

If you have a HashSet, however, the story is a little different. A HashSet does not, in fact, have an AddRange method.

However, the HashSet has a UnionWith method that you can use for this purpose.

This method takes and IEnumerable as a parameter, and thus supports most collections.

// a hashset of persons
var personHashSet = new HashSet<Person>();

// add multiple people
personHashSet.UnionWith(new[] { new Person("Evelyn", "Salt"), new Person("Napoleon", "Solo") });

// add people from existing collection

We can verify this simply:

foreach (var person in personHashSet)
    Console.WriteLine($"{person.FirstName} {person.Surname}");

This will print the following:

The code is is in my Github.

Happy hacking!