I recently had to delete all the queues in my RabbitMQ instance.

There is an admin interface for this

However it quickly gets monotonous having to click on each queue to delete it.

Luckily for us us there is a library to help with this: EasyNetQ.Management.Client

Install it the usual way

dotnet package add EasyNetQ.Management.Client

This is different from the usual library for interacting with RabbitMQ, EasyNetQ.

Once you install it, the following code should delete all the queues.

// Connect to the management client object
var client = new ManagementClient("http://localhost", "guest", "guest");
// Retrieve the current queues
var queues = await client.GetQueuesAsync();
// Loop through the queues and invoke the delete
foreach (var queue in queues)
    Log.Information("Deleting queue {queue}", queue.Name);
    await client.DeleteQueueAsync(queue);

The MangementClient constructor takes three parameters: the host, the username and the password

Happy hacking!